Crown 90COLORS
Crown Performance - '90-'01 Cherokee, Sportswagon, Mid Size XJ Series 90-01 0"-6" LIFT
  • The Highest Quality Off-Road Brake Lines Available
  • Firmer Pedal Feel
  • Multiple Colors for a Custom Look
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Item #JEEP06FR02
BrandCrown Performance
Price from 89.99 to 99.99
Price: 89.99
Condition: New
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Five layer Stainless Steel Brake Line, Kevlar reinforce, Teflon inner core hose and heavy duty one piece fitting. 9 color to choose from. DOT approve and compatible with all brake fluids. Comes with clips, and washers. Lift size equals to inches over stock length. OEM replacement includes center brackets. 3 hose kit includes fronts and rear.

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